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. Immediately after Cressner goes back on his phrase and reveals that he has murdered his spouse, he attempts to purchase his way out by offering an enraged and gun-toting Norris millions of pounds.

, Harry is constantly in the position to bribe govt officials for whatever he wishes, including a Time Turner for Hermione as well as a pardon for Sirius.

of letting punitive damages is to really make it so that giant companies in fact really feel the bite after they damage folks.

A lover joke is always that Xanatos is so abundant, he could find the money for to pay for all the folks necessary to say "hell" in the children's cartoon collection. A DISNEY children's cartoon sequence no significantly less.

: Ojama Yellow: Take it uncomplicated boss, you will pop a blood vessel! Chazz: I don't treatment! I'll just BUY a new 1!

You cannot even reliably recognize the "excellent men" as those who can't be bribed, which contributes on the Black and Gray Morality of the story. It can make the rare Bribe Backfire incredibly satisfying.

gives us the scarce heroic Model in the individual of Rick Castle himself. He's very loaded, pretty well-known, and exhibits absolutely no hesitation With regards to using Individuals things that will help his cop good friends get as a result of roadblocks he finds aggravating (for example, contacting the Mayor to complain to secure a forensic exam moved up the priority list).

And all the even though, she was a lot more worried about a missing ring Having said that fixer experienced stolen to help you pay back The person in jail. Her kin, Luckily, are nowhere in the vicinity of that terrible.

, a couple of large greenback charges to the social companies woman is all it's going to take to hurry together the procedure for your paperwork for Annie's short term adoption by Stacks to endure.

Later, the Fed tells Castle that he is spoke With all the Governor, and also the guy has not heard about Rick Castle (and that is Odd, on condition that Castle is really a very best-selling author).

by Max Galactica. He tells Phoenix he is Confident he will not be read more convicted of murder, for the reason that he's rich and renowned. When Phoenix points out that it does not work like that, Max panics. He is harmless, but you will get him off the charge the appropriate way.

but. In Rogue Trader, you're one of many titular Traders, who purchase a permit created with the emperor himself that permits him to disregard the most simple regulations from the Empire of Person, leaving imperial House, putting together their own individual kingdoms, and buying and selling with xenos.

An More mature Than Feudalism illustration was Rome: a fascinating illustration of this trope is always that within the Roman Republic, there was a set high-quality for assault, which was not modified for inflation, and right after various generations of forex debasement, the high-quality was worthless.

, Link can bribe a guard with 10 rupees to Allow him sneak into Hyrule Castle. Somewhat pointless, as There's a nearby vine you are able to climb up free of charge and you can't bribe any of one other guards previous him, but exactly what the hey?

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